Issue 2 (Vol. 2 No. 1), May 1992

The management at the beginning of the XXI century
Cardoso, Gomes
pp. 5-13

New developments in the theory of the firm
Streim, Hannes
pp. 15-36

Strategic thinking for the accountant
Tam, Anthony C.W.
pp. 39-44

Technology and competitiveness of firms
Watanabe, Hitoshi
pp. 47-57

Investment opportunities for Southeast Asian entrepreneurs in the European Community
Marques, Walter
pp. 59-76

ASEAN, a future economic community?
Huang, Francis C.H.
pp. 77-84

The ASEAN economic cooperation: Status and challenges
Wang, Chien-Nan
pp. 85-101

ASEAN, a future economic community? A political perspective
Lam, Lai Sing
pp. 103-108

Macau, Hong Kong and China's special economic zones
Lei, Quang
pp. 109-112

Issue 3 (Vol. 2 No. 2), August 1992

The economic regions in the context of the large economic blocs
Comstancio, Victor
pp. 5-21

ASEAN investment climate and investment risk: The multi-dimensional scaling approach
Hartono, O.P. & Ramasamy, B.
pp. 25-40

Realities and hopes for SMEs in Macau: A research survey
Antonio, Nelson Santos, Foo, Lillian, Trigo, Virginia, & Hartono, O.P.
pp. 43-71

External relations of the European Community
Moura, Teresa
pp. 72-89

The convergence or divergence of management theory and practice
Weinrich, John E.
pp. 91-95