Issue 4 (Vol. 3 No. 1), March 1993

Macau: A regional banking centre in the making
Ho, Edmund Hau Wah
pp. 5-13

Regional development and regional policy in the European Community
Esteves, Maria Ceu
pp. 15-33

Trajectories of development models
Murteira, Mario
pp. 35-69

A new perspective in the external relations of the Community
Alvares, Pedro
pp. 71-96

Issue 5 (Vol. 3 No. 2), August 1993

Business environment and entrepreneurship in Macau
Teixeira, Antonio & Trigo, Virginia
pp. 5-25

Pulling and pushing oriented marketing strategies in a market-oriented system
Weinrich, John E.
pp. 27-33

The road to ASEAN free trade area
Ramasamy, B. & Hartono, O.P.
pp. 25-48

The search for Macau's competitive strategy, part 1
Dioko, Don
pp. 49-65

Management accounting for perfection
Noronha, Carlos
pp. 67-