Issue 6 (Vol. 4 No. 1), February 1994

Our own challenge: The fight for quality in Macau
Antonio, Nelson & Trigo, Virginia
pp. 5-8

Learning school: An incremental strategic thought
Yao, Bing, Qiu, Young, Han, Zitian, & Li, Hongsheng
pp. 9-21

Look West! Macau in the pearl river delta region
Teresa, Maria & Vieira, Oscar
pp. 23-33

Taiwan economic miracles
Mac, Lancy, Ozorio, Bernadete, & Vong, Anna
pp. 35-41

Cultural differences: Western and Asian contrasted
Trigo, Virginia & Wong, Benjamin
pp. 43-48

Footbinding and its impact on Chinese women of the 19th century: The Western view
Adams, Sandra M.
pp. 49-69

New laws on accounting and taxation in China
Zhao, Pincheng
pp. 71-84

Issue 7 (Vol. 4 No. 2), July 1994

Training policies of joint ventures in China Guangzhou
Khong, Eva &Trigo, Virginia
pp. 5-21

Differences in perception and management styles between Hong Kong Chinese and Mainland Chinese in Shenzhen firms
Tan, Anthony C.W.
pp. 25-37

The rise of the four little dragons
Wong, Anita, Chui, Peter, Dioko, Don, Ng, Albe, & Kuan, Leona
pp. 39-66

Business ethics: Eastern medicine or Western prescription?
Moon, Christopher John
pp. 69-82

Building Macau's competitive advantage: A study on exports to China
Noronha, Carlos & Zhao, Pincheng
pp. 83-