Issue 8 (Vol. 5 No. 1), February 1995

Integrating marketing and distribution through customer service
Steels, Henry C.
pp. 5-17

A study on the receptivity of the Macau workforce towards introducing Japanese-style Kaizen management
Noronha, Carlos
pp. 21-31

A comparative study of economic development: The case of Shanghai and Taiwan
Zhang, Yi-Min & Chen, Kang-Min
pp. 35-50

Electronic data interchange (EDI): An effeicient business tool for automatic transmission between trading partners
Wu, Simon
pp. 51-54

The issue of change and environmentalism as a business opportunity
Kong, S.H. & Yeung, Trevor
pp. 55-65

Issue 9 (Vol. 5 No. 2), July 1995

Chinese entrepreneurs in action: The case of Tian He Industrial Development Zone
Trigo, Virginia
pp. 5-21

Marketing in a small place: The case of the tertiary sector of Macau
Mac, Lancy V.I.
pp. 25-37

An analysis of the marketing problems encountered by selected service business firms in Macau
Sousa, Cristina
pp. 41-55

A discussion on the revitalising strategies of the declining manufacturing activities in Macau
Ozorio, Bernadete
pp. 57-66

Financial derivative products for hedging strategies: Are they being used in Macau?
Liz, Maria Conceicao
pp. 69-89

Trends of strategic management revisited
da Rosa, Alvaro Augusto
pp. 91-106