Issue 10 (Vol. 6 No. 1), February 1996

Consumer values and market segmentation in China: An exploratory study
Dioko, Leonardo Anthony Najarro
pp. 5-19

Comparative management: Discussion and an empirical study
Vong, Fanny C.K.
pp. 23-41

Overseas Chinese companies in Macau and TQM
Teixeira, Antonio
pp. 45-56

Macau 1960s-1990s: Technology upgrading in a toy manufacturer: A dynamic and interactive system of strategic management
Basto, Jorge R.S.
pp. 57-73

The economic cooperation between Macau and Zhuhai
Lei, Qiang
pp. 77-83

Issue 11 (Vol. 6 No. 2), July 1996

Chinese agriculture cooperative and its ownership
Li, Hong Sheng John
pp. 5-18

Chinese traditional cultures and corporate management
Tang, Yi-Jie
pp. 19-22

Studies on managerial system of state-owned enterprises in China
Qiu, Yong
pp. 25-39

Cultural influence upon international trade negotiation
Xi, Youmin & Jing, Runtian
pp. 41-47

A prototype of the judgmental process: A contribution to the instrumentation versus process debate
Pounder, J.S.
pp. 51-64

Supplying retail products to peripheral regions: The case of Scotland and Portugal
Fernie, John, Mackinnon, Alan, & de Carvalho, Jose Mexia Crespo
pp. 65-77