Issue 12 (Vol. 7 No.1), January 1997

Out of recession and beyond: Indications for a new type of Japanese management?
Dirks, Daniel
pp. 5-23

Corporate governance in the Asia Pacific region: Mechanisms for reconciling stakeholder interests
Moon, Christopher John & Otley, Mike
pp. 25-46

Management ethics in collectivist and individualist cultures
Jackson, Terence, Artola, Marian Calafell, Li, Jianfeng, Lau, K.F., Lo, Alfred, Yeung, Kevin, Rohmetra, Neelu, & Tidwell, Paula
pp. 49-62

Research and development management strategy in process industries of the third worls and Eastern European countries
Jovanovic, Mica B.
pp. 63-68

The individual, business and sustainable development
Eddington, Ian, Smith, Richard Temple, Wear, Rae, & McMillan, Jack
pp. 71-83

Performance evaluative style, size of companies and the budget-related behaviors
Yuen, Desmond & Dioko, Don
pp. 85-95

Issue 13 (Vol. 7 No. 2), April 1997
Special Issue: Financial Economics

Ex-dividend price behavior: The Hong Kong experience
Terpstra, Robert H. & Lam, Keith S.K.
pp. 5-18

Accuracy of financial analysts' forecasts of earnings per share: The Hong Kong experience
Fan, Dennis K.K. & Terpstra, Robert H.
pp. 19-30

A note on the efficient market hypothesis
Lam, Keith S.K.
pp. 33-53

Intellectual property rights: History, analysis and proposals
Scott, Robert H. & Terpstra, Robert H.
pp. 55-67

Does the spread betwen fixed and adjustable mortgage rates predict changes in the one year T-bill rate?
Ponarul, Richard & Scott, Robert H.
pp. 71-8

Issue 14 (Vol. 7 No. 3), July 1997

Evaluating the likelihood of foreclosure on delinquent loans: The case in Macau
Fong, Davis K.C.
pp. 5-28

Gaps between managerial and consumer attitudes towards advertising in China
Speece, Mark & So, Stella L.M.
pp. 29-48

Vertical cooperation in the automotive industry: Perspectives from Japan
Richter, Frank Jurgen
pp. 51-56

Strategic groups and performance of construction companies in Portugal
Reis, Elizabeth, Cachadinha, Efigenia, & Bezelga, A.
pp. 57-82

The economic relations among the two shores and Hong Kong after the reversion of Hong Kong to China
Lei, Qian
pp. 85-96

Choice of entry timing and competitive advantage: The entry process of the global pharmaceutical industry into China in a dynamic perspective
Bruche, Gert
pp. 97-116