Issue 15 (Vol. 8 No. 1), January 1998

Macau's economic development cycles: Lessons from the past and choices ahead in a new regional context
de Brito, Jose Brandao
pp. 5-22

Target costing application
Yuen, Desmond
pp. 23-34

The link between municipal policy and consumer satisfaction: Illustrations of the international policy of towns
de la Robertie, Catherine Sarlandie
pp. 37-56

On humanization of work: Expert opinion
Vong, Fanny C.K.
pp. 59-83

Analysis of Macau banking industry using M. Porter's Five Forces model
Hong, Jacky
pp. 87-104

Issue 16 (Vol. 8 No. 2), July 1998

Advertising in China: Trends, constraints and implications for foreign firms
Chillier, Carine & Denis, Jean-Emile
pp. 7-31

Logistics: Integrating the corporation and preparing the future
de Carvalho, Jose Mexia Crespo
pp. 35-45

"Strangers to ourselves": Perspectives on foreignness
Murase, Anne Elizabeth
pp. 47-69

Climate, processes, methods, and result: Four variables of a quality management model
Noronha, Carlos
pp. 73-87

Financial distress and corporate performance: The case of Hong Kong
Kuan, Winnie
pp. 91-117

The impact of culture upon two work motivation theories
Correia, Pedro
pp. 119-1