Issue 17 (Vol. 9 No. 1), January 1999
Special Issue: Macau: The First Sino-European Joint-Venture

Ascension and fall of Macau as a historical commercial entrepot between the Middle Kingdom and the barbarian nations near and far (mid-16th to mid-19th entury)
Wank-Nolasco Lamas, Rosmarie
pp. 7-28

Continuity beyond time
da Rosa, Alvaro Augusto
pp. 31-37

Social and lifestyle trends of Macau consumers
Dioko, Leonardo Anthony N.
pp. 39-47

Reassessing the realities and hopes for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Macau
Antonio, Nelson Santos, Hong, Jacky, & Lam, Tiffany
pp. 49-72

Banking in Macau in the nineties: Analysis of structure and performance
Mendes, Victor & Rebelo, Joao
pp. 73-92

Tax reform in Macau: Current situations and future projections
Noronha, Carlos, Chan, Hio Wan, & Lam, Tiffany
pp. 93-110

International labour mobility and labour importation policy in Macau
Chan, S.S. & Lam, Keith S.K.
pp. 111-

Issue 18 (Vol. 9 No. 2), July 1999
Special Issue: PRC 50 Years of Reform

CEO duality analysis in Chinese public companies
Wu, Shukun, Wang, Hongtao, & Xi, Youmin
pp. 7-21

Radical ideas and future of the SOE reform in China
Chen, Meihua
pp. 23-36

China's reform in foreign trade: Towards a modern enterprise system
Ji, Qiuying
pp. 37-53

Study on the degree of success of joint ventures in China: The case of Japanese joint ventures
Zhang, Lijun & Wang, Xueli
pp. 55-66

Social representation of economic processes in China: An exploratory study
Hong, Jacky F.L. & Jesuino, Correia
pp. 67-80

Regulatory regime of technology transfer into the People's Republic of China
Tse, Jerry S.L.
pp. 81-97

A survey on social financing mechanism in China
Fu, Mingsheng
pp. 99-116

Does age matter for the experience of stress?
Kuok, Kim O.M.
pp. 117-13