Issue 19 (Vol. 10 No. 1), January 2000

Unemployment and labour market adjustment: The case of Macau
Chan, S.S. & Lei, Henry C.K.
pp. 7-22

An empirical assessment of the quality of LIB's banking services
Lam, Tiffany K.P.
pp. 23-46

A study on the role of Chinese women in managing companies in Macao
Chiu, Patrick, Siu, Peggy, Un, Hilary, Young, Beatrice, & Chu, Teresa
pp. 47-63

The relationship between return, market value and infrequent trading
Chui, Peter M.W.
pp. 65-83

The implications of total quality management to the positioning and resource-based schools of strategic management
Martins, Paulo G.G.
pp. 85-111

Strategy and just-in-time: How to deal with ECR - Efficient Customer Response?
de Carvalho, Jose Mexia Crespo
pp. 113-126

The refusal problem in surveys and opinion polls: Reasons and remedies
Reis, Elizabeth & Vicente, Paula
pp. 127-143

Discussion on the current Chinese monetary and financial policies
Yang, Xujin
pp. 145-151

Issue 20 (Vol. 10 No. 2), July 2000

Sources of productivity change in banking in Macau
Rebelo, Joao & Mendes, Victor
pp. 7-24

Macau's development model and identity
Antonio, Nelson Santos
pp. 25-36

The assessment of overseas Filipino workers in Macau
Vong, Bibiana Mio Ngo
pp. 37-51

The role of underwriter on the underpricing of Hong Kong IPOs
Vong, Anna P.I.
pp. 53-60

Testing a total quality management outcome model
Noronha, Carlos
pp. 61-76

The relevance of network theory for developing organizational learning
Hong, Jacky F.L.
pp. 77-90

Business networks: A revisited
Ozorio, Bernadete
pp. 91-111

The nature of organizational citizenship behavior: A review
Dioko, Leonardo A.N.
pp. 113-13